Turn your office space enquiries into valuable commissions…

Our open referral scheme is available to all bona-fide agents, brokers, websites and offers 10% commission on all successful referrals.

Simply send us your leads, we’ll make the contact, show the prospect around our Centre and do our best to close the deal.

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The not-so-small print

Commission basis

Referral commission will be calculated at 10% of the office rental ‘Revenue’ during the ‘Commission period’

‘Commission Period’ is 12 months from the initial agreement, where the client is in occupation.

‘Revenue’ includes office rental payable for the initial agreement plus any extensions, expansions or continuations within the ‘Commission Period’.

‘Revenue’ excludes provision of ancillary services such as broadband, cleaning, servicing, electricity and excludes VAT.


Altec Products Ltd will promptly pay referral commission within 30 days of receipt of agent’s invoice, signed licence agreements, the client’s deposit payment and occupation of the office(s) by the client. All commissions will be made payable to the agent company and not to the individual broker or agent.

All invoices are to be sent to: Altec Products Ltd, Bude Business Centre, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 8QN. Altec must receive a correctly calculated invoice for the completed transaction within 45 days of execution. If a client defaults, cancels or otherwise vacates during the ‘Commission Period’, Altec may invoice the Agent for the pro-rated commission paid for the term the client is in default or deduct that amount from a future payment.


Referrals should be made by the agents in writing, by letter, email, or by website contact form.

In the event two or more agents refer the same prospect, we shall accept the first official referral received. We reserve the right to reject, or otherwise resolve at our sole discretion, cases where a client had previously applied directly or was referred previously by another agent or channel. We will endeavor to notify the referring agent of any rejections within 1 working day.


Referrals will only be accepted from legitimate agents, brokers, surveyors, property professionals or property websites. Receipt or acceptance of a referral shall not be deemed to have created any other contract, agreement, engagement or exclusivity.

Submittal of a referral to Altec Products Ltd alone indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to amend or terminate this policy at any time without prior notice.