Flexible Office Rental

Victoria44When you take an office at Victoria you’re making no on-going commitment to us – none at all. ¬†There’s no notice period, so you only ever pay rent for the time you occupy – and that’s up to you! It really is that simple. We’re comfortable with this arrangement because we’ve found it works well for most businesses.

We understand many businesses simply don’t want property ‘shackles’. ¬†What they do need, however, is a stable professional base for their business that will suit their needs whichever direction it takes. Of course, we’d like you to stay and help you grow and prosper.

You might want more office space (maybe just temporarily)? We’d be delighted to help you move or take on extra space. Conversely, if you need to tighten your belt we can look at smaller units or you can end your Tenancy Agreement immediately, with just a telephone call.

Why pay for space you only use occasionally (such as conference or training facilities?). You can hire these on a daily or weekly basis.

So what’s different about Victoria’s Flexible Offices when compared with a conventional Lease?

Victoria Offices Conventionial Lease (FRI)
Minimum Term 1 day 1, 3, 5 years +
Notice Period Instant Remainder of Lease
Upsize? Of course! Negotiate
Downsize? No cost Negotiate hard!
Billing Simple monthly bill Quarterly in advance
Solicitors Fees None Yes
Managing Agents Charges None Yes
Service Charges None Yes
Maintenance Charges None Yes
Exit Fees None Dilapidation Charges